Snakes & Ladders Online Multiplayer Game

Snakes & Ladders Online Multiplayer Game is the digital version of the so-called traditional board game snakes and ladders. Most of the peoples will have a nostalgic feel on this game as they might have played this game in their childhood. You will find it very interesting and much fun playing this 100% real-time multiplayer version of snakes and ladders.

Rule Of Game

This classic snakes and ladders board game is played by 2 players. One player will be you and another player can either be an online player onboard from anywhere of the world OR any one of your friends joined through game playroom OR can be the brilliant bot we built within the game. This depends on the mode of play yo choose from the home screen

Once the game is started the player who’s turn is, have to roll the dice and move their play icon according to the number they get on the dice. The snakes and ladders on the board will be catalyzing the movement of play icons either plus way or minus way. You can start moving your play icon at the beginning of the game only when you get a number 1 on the dice. If the dice falls on number 6, you can have one more turn on the dice. You have to move your play icon from box number 1 to box numbered 100. There are several snakes and ladders on the board on your path to the winner. If you get a ladder, you will bring to the highest box as a bonus. If you get a snake mouth box on the way, you will be swollen down to the lowest box where the snake tail ends. When reaches the box numbered 100, will be the winner of that play.


Play Online Multiplayer:

If you choose this mode of gameplay from the game home screen, You will be connected to a random player who comes online from anywhere in the world.

Play With Robot:

If you choose this option, you will be offline playing with a brilliant AI bot we built within the game. All the dice dynamics of the robot are completely randomly generated without any pre-defined movements to keep the real essence and brilliance of the robotic play.

Play With A Friend:

This snakes and ladders online multiplayer game is much fun when you play with your friends. We value this passion very much. If you choose ‘Play With A Friend’ option from the snakes and ladders game home screen, You will have the opportunity to play this game with any of your friends by creating a playroom or joining a playroom created by your friend.

Game Score:

This snakes and ladders online multiplayer game will provide you with a global winning score which will be increased by one point whenever you make a win over your opponent. This score will be increased even if you win over the robot AI

Download this game and start enjoying beautiful game moments with your loved ones or new friends around the globe.

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