Draw Hunt – The Draw and Guess online Multiplayer Game

Draw Hunt is a skill oriented entertaining multiplayer game which can cast your drawing skills, chase your levels and make friends. This is the the mobile game version of world wide known traditional pictionary game.

The game can be played by two or more players. Here in Draw Hunt we have 3 levels of public rooms where the world play. You can also create your own private rooms and invite friends to play. Game allows you to invite users to your drawing play rooms. You can make talented friends in game.

Draw and Guess play & rules:
The game will start with one of the player in the room will draw a given word picture on canvas in a particular time. The other players have to guess the word correctly. You can have clues available in the game. Those who are guessing the word will get points, Also the drawing player will get points multiplied by number of correct answers. Players will also rate the drawing by submitting drawing marks our of 5.

Start in one step:
You can create account and start playing game right away with out any registration formalities.

Play Global or Private:
There are 3 levels of global play rooms where the world play. You can either join a room or create your own play room. Once you have created room, you can invite game friends or external friends to play with you.

Friends and messages:
You can send friends requests to players and once they accept your request they will appear in your friends list. You can message and invite your game friends for play in your room.

Start enjoying this awesome game right away..

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