My Experience with StartApp Ad Network (With Email Proof)

If I say my experience in one sentence –  “StartApp simply took away my money($285) at the time of my payout”.

( Using the word ‘Cheat’ in this context is because it is the most appropriate word according to my experience which can best describe these type of situations )

I was first afraid to try some different ad network other than AdMob since  I heard there are several cheaters around. Still, I was excited to try some other advertising and monetization network. Meanwhile googling for some android app monetization ad networks, StartApp came into my front, But later only at the time of payout I understood I was cheated by them and I lost what my app earned from their ads. Here is my bad life experience with StartApp with email screenshot proofs from their so-called support team.

I have searched google for some reviews by any of the developers so that I can understand what they were saying about and what could be it’s genuinity. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any good or bad review about StartApp. So I  just went through there website. Honestly saying ‘The first Impression Is Best Impression’, Their site looks simply great with a perfect description of their services which anyone can fell in their plan, So I and I decided to try StartApp ad integration.

I had an app named Color Pins- which was a puzzle game and I have integrated StartApp ads. Integration seems really simple and I submitted the app for their review and by the next day, they have approved my app. I believe more than my 10K users will be going engaged with those ads too and I will get some good revenue too.

I use to check my account dashboard (StartApp) every day for analyzing user, impression, click statistics and earnings. Even though their eCPM seems very low like somewhere between 0.10 to 0.25, In the first few weeks they showed some good earnings on my dashboard. With all my efforts on my app side increasing users and getting more impressions every day, I have reached my account earnings to $280 in one month. But all on a sudden, one day morning, I was shocked when I tried to enter my StartApp account. It said like the following screenshot.

“You are not authorized to login at the moment. For more details please contact the support team”

I got panic and rushed to my email inbox to check what happened. I thought they might send some emails regarding the account to inform me why I cannot login. Unfortunately, there were no emails or no information from StartApp. I wonder then why I couldn’t login to my account. Immediately I wrote a letter to StartApp developer support team (Once I contacted them before regarding the integration ) and below is the screenshot of the first response I got from them.

When I got that reply actually I was thinking that their compliance team has already reviewed my app in the beginning and there was not any particular situation raised from my account side or app side to have a review again. If that’s their need I felt OK but why should they at least email/notice me when they block my account in a situation that I cannot log in. I started feeling weird and though everything will end well soon as StartApp is genuine as they claim. But the truth was different.

I waited for around 1 week and got no reply from them. I raised a ticket again with strongly saying them to respond genuinely if they are not frauds.  Below is the email I sent

2 days after this email, I got a reply from them stating that their compliance team has checked my account and found no errors and they decided to reopen my account. At that time there was again a 30 days ahead for the payout, (They pay in NET60, for example, if you have earnings of $100 from June1-June30 th, they are saying they will pay you by Aug 1st only, but they won’t pay you. Instead, they will ban you a week before your payment and take the whole account earnings ).

I was happy when they reinstated my account and I asked them why my account was blocked, But they didn’t give me a correct reply.  I was a bit afraid to work again with them because I felt they will block the account at any time without notice. Still, with a hope I started continuing as there were few more weeks to the payout day. Next week when my account earnings become $280 and 4 more days to get paid. They started playing again, What I feared has happened. They again blocked my account without any notice or email. I sent several emails and after 3 days they put a reply to me (Attached below email screenshots). I was not able to believe that a popular organization will do these type of third rated cheatings. Guss what?, I lost the whole earnings till the date and can’t even log in to that site, Understanding the truth that I badly got cheated from StartApp. They are saying they found some wrong evidence, I have asked what wrong please say. But they didn’t said anything why they blocked the account. I think they cannot reveal because there is nothing such evidence exists and they just need the money in the account.

Honestly speaking, This was my first-time bad experience with a third party ad network. I never thought a popular network like StartApp will do scams like third rated scammers. But I had to believe the truth now and decided to think and check thrice before any external network integrations.

Meera Aravind
Developer – AVG Apps

5 Replies to “My Experience with StartApp Ad Network (With Email Proof)”

  1. Many people on the Internet say InMobi fraud.
    I didn’t expect Startapp to have either.

    Personally recommend using admob full of security, I have been using it for a few years.
    At the monthly settlement, he will help you deduct the invalid income.

    I am also afraid that someone will deliberately click to install my app, but admob will help you deduct invalid income.

    I hope you can continue to hard~

  2. And google is the boss/guru in this. Every cheats/fraud is created/networked/linked to google/adsense and their internet/network team. They are all american cheaters with first try to help/offer you a dream/money/ and when you gets trap then they will kick you out without any reason(proudly). All people must boycott every google product before they gets addictive to their scam n/w.

    All scams credit goes to google and it’s cheaters team

  3. I recently started “startaap” this month (December 2018), I’m test to my device with my applications, many ad impressions that appear but not record reports. the report also does not update, had to wait for 1-2 hours or even 1 day. We prove , whether “startapp” will pay me later!!! may indeed startapp scam

  4. Actually, a scam company when I set up ads within my apps, there was a huge profit in the month, but after a few periods of time I noticed that users in my applications increased

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